• Who We Are

    Salamander Bay Recycling is an independent, not-for-profit benevolent organisation, run by the community, for the community.

    Supporting many local charities and organisations in Port Stephens NSW, we specialise in the reclamation, processing and on-sale of items previously-considered obsolete.

    The organisation has adapted to many changes in Government policies, it has grown exponentially over the years and continues to meet and exceed the remit of its Charter to the present day.

    As a benevolent not-for-profit enterprise, we are committed to providing an alternative retailing experience for the community of and visitors to Port Stephens.

    The money which is generated by our activities is channelled back into the local economy, either through the wages of our employees or via financial or in-kind donations we make to local individuals, groups and organisations.

    Your custom and patronage is appreciated; if you spend with us, the whole, local community benefits.

  • What We Do

    The current business model is a practical example of recycling and operates in part to improve the Port Stephens community’s awareness of the value of recycling. The business has a range of on-site activities which build skills, knowledge and capabilities of community members who are themselves ‘re-cycling’ by developing new in-demand industry and workplace skills that they did not previously possess.

    Human talent as well as material items are used again and again in a circular, sustainable way for the increased benefit of all.

    Specifically, the organisation has two intertwined activities as one works synergistically with the other. These are:

    A) Collection and sale of recycled goods, including building materials, boats, caravans, clothing, scrap metals, furniture, computers, electrical goods, whitegoods, computers and bric-a-brac. Goods may be refurbished, repaired or sold ‘as is’.

    B) ‘Capability building’ of community members aged from 18 to 70+, males and females and including persons who are ‘work for the dole’, persons who are completing community service orders and volunteers.