Bottled sun light…

Salamander Bay Recycling has found a new use for old 1.5 litre plastic lemonade bottles. No, not as drink bottles but as energy-free light globes which capture the sun light.

The soft drinks bottles are filled with clean water, 1 cap of bleach is added and the lid is protected from UV damage by being covered with a black camera spool canister.

The bottle is then inserted into purposely-cut holes in the roof, the edges of which are sealed with clear sealant to prevent rainwater access into the building.

Several bottles have been inserted so-far and the result, even on overcast days, has proven to be very.positive.

The trial has removed the need for the installation of electrical lighting in that building, and will further reduce the Centre’s electricity costs.

The idea was first developed by an ingenious engineer in a Brazilian favela(slum).

Follow this link to view a video of the Brazilian installation (fascinating/inspirational stuff):

You might find it useful to install your own in a garden shed or garage.

Good luck…



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