Interactive sculpture sessions with locally-renowned sculptor Rick Pettit (entry #2)

Sculptor, Rick Pettit has been crafting one of the two, four-metre Turpentine wharf beams on site for the last two weeks.

The basic shapes of a number of various characters on the first totem pole have already been hewn from the wood.

One of the most-defined figures derived from the totem so far, is that of the Phoenix.

The legend of the Phoenix has been around for many centuries. There are various concepts, but the basic idea is that the Phoenix, being a mythological creature, would live for 1000 years. As the 1000 years came to an end, the Phoenix, according to legend, would build its own funeral pyre, and throw itself onto the flames.

As it died, the Phoenix would be reborn anew, and rise from the ashes to live for another 1000 years.

The correlation between rebirth and recycling are obvious; however the symbolism associated with the Phoenix is powerful and still relevant, even in today’s often cynical world.

Rick is skilfully combining the use of various tools like the contemporary chainsaw and angle grinder, with that of the ancient adze and axe to extract personas, such as the Phoenix, from the timber.

Mr Pettit’s artwork is an inspiration to us all, and perhaps his efforts will inspire you to enter our art competition: PROJECT PHOENIX 2009.

The flyer artwork is pictured below, with full competition entry details being found on this blogsite at:

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