Playing the frame game

Initial impressions from the general public regarding the size of the new retail shed’s slab, was that it was “big” or “awesome” or we even occasionally heard “how ya gonna fill that space up?”.

Fortunately, our intention is to fill the shed up with quality seconds, from many, many sources.

But before we can fill it up, we have to build it first…
The next phase of the redevelopment has started and we are now onto the frame erection process.
Fascinating in its simplicity, the frame has been erected by Greg Jackson from ABC Sheds in two stages:
1) Columns and roof trusses.
2) Perlins and wall girts.

We took delivery of the frame components on the morning of Thursday the 3rd of September. By lunchtime the preparation work had been completed and the installation process was underway.

The first stage involved the installation of the vertical columns and roof trusses. The image below shows the final few centimetres of the first column’s journey into position.

From these first few steps, the rest of the frame’s columns and roof trusses were installed by 5.00pm that afternoon (just in time for the rain).

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