Recycling the Sun – Salamander Bay Recycling Goes Solar

We at Salamander Bay Recycling decided to investigate the benefits of solar electric power as a renewable energy solution for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the ubiquitous promotional campaigns in local, state and national media, encouraging businesses and individuals to participate in solar programs, are all-pervasive and unavoidable.

Also and because we are in the “recycling” industry, the concept of integrating solar-power into the business has been at the back of our minds for quite some time.

The financial incentives offered by the State and Federal Governments, as well as the relatively short pay-back period of the project were also determining factors in the decision-making process.

So the financial aspect, allied with the concept of capturing energy directly from the Sun; significantly reducing the business’s energy expenditure and subsequent “carbon footprint” were highly-regarded, positive outcomes from the exercise.

Media Release 4.08.2010:

Not-for-profit organisation Salamander Bay Recycling is working even harder than usual to combat climate change by installing an 8.8kW solar power system. The community group will now be reducing its carbon footprint even further by harnessing the sun’s light to create electricity.

“You could say we are ‘recycling the sun'” said Gerard McClafferty, General Manager, Salamander Bay Recycling.

Salamander Bay Recycling helps to reduce landfill by thousands of tonnes each year whilst diverting valuable materials back to the community through the on-site retail shop.

Hundreds of tonnes of scrap metal are recycled annually and even lead/acid batteries are safely recycled to avoid acid discharge into the environment.

This new 48 panel solar power installation will save almost 12 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions being pumped into the atmosphere annually.

“Salamander Bay Recycling is committed to the ethos of recycling; solar power is another external expression of our ongoing commitment to improving the community and helps, in a small way, to protect our fragile environment” said Mr McClafferty.

SolarSwitch, who has installed for high profile clients including Sydney City Council and Kennards Hire, has been chosen to complete the installation.

SolarSwitch pride itself on installing quality equipment from reputable manufacturers whose warranties are held in Australia.

“We are very excited to be installing a system for such a fantastic organisation who carry out this important work that gives so much back to the local community and the planet” said Adam Tesoriero Director of SolarSwitch.

Investing in solar electricity has now become an extremely attractive investment option for homeowners, community organisations and businesses alike thanks to the new solar electricity rebate and the gross feed-in-tariff introduced in NSW in January this year.

The new solar electricity rebate, known as the “Solar Credits Scheme” is now open to everyone including community organisations and businesses, unlike the old Solar Homes and Communities Plan.

On top of this, the new solar buy back scheme or “gross feed-in-tariff” means anyone with a solar electricity system gets credited at least 60c per kilowatt hour for all the electricity their system generates. That’s almost four times the current retail rate.

SolarSwitch is one of the largest solar electricity installers in NSW and has worked with home owners, local government and businesses installing around 15% of the state’s systems last financial year.

For more information on installing solar electricity contact SolarSwitch on:

(02) 8985 9945 or 1300 880 969 or visit
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