Slabs, slabs, trenches and slabs #1

The last few weeks has seen significant, physical change at the centre.

New Retail Shed:

On the 17th of August, the slab of the new retail shed was formed up, and over 60 tonnes of concrete was poured the following day.
The contractors encountered a number of technical issues with regards to the slab’s footings, due in part, to the high level of the underground water table (pictured below).

Fortunately, the technical problems were resolved and the work on the large retail shed’s slab pour went ahead without a hitch.

Pictured below is the Concrete truck’s “Elephant trunk” pouring concrete directly into the retail shed’s formwork.

By mid-afternoon on Tuesday the 18th of August, the pour was complete and we had our first indication as to the eventual scale of the new structure.

500sqm of floor-space is a lot!!! of floor-space to work with, however we are looking forward to stocking the new shed full of freshly-sourced, second-hand material for our valued customers to enjoy.

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