"What can we do dad? I’m bored".

Customer, David Budden, saw the potential in many obscure items which he found at Salamander Bay Recycling and with the help of his children, they made a Billy Cart the whole neighbourhood is talking about.

Here’s David’s Billy Cart story:

“It was the school holidays and we had nothing to do, and nowhere to go, “What can we do dad? I’m bored”. So down to the recycle centre, we went, to get the ingredients to make a billy cart.

Once everyone who works at the recycle centre knew we were building a billy cart, they couldn’t have been more helpful as we rustled up a pram, some timber, an old broken golf buggy, some paint, some foam, some bolts and a couple of stainless steel vases to make cool exhaust pipes; all of which cost less than $20.

We took our booty home and proceeded to pull it all apart, cut the timber, use the pram and golf buggy, to build the best billy cart ever that all the kids in the street love.

It’s the best 20 bucks I have ever spent, to both recycle some discarded items that may well have ended up in landfill and build something that is robust, to last probably years and give the kids in the street many hours of enjoyment…better than a PlayStation any day..”

Thanks David for your enthusiasm, we’re sure that the kids will have many hours of fun on the Billy Cart.

Check out images of David’s Billy Cart below (we reckon it looks pretty smart).

Just imagine what you and your kids could do with a bunch of odds and ends from Salamander Bay Recycling…

See if you can spot the golf buggy wheels, pram seat and vertically-aligned, three-wheel pram frame:

Flying the tartan-chequered flag for recycled material:

Hey, cool vases… erm… exhaust pipes:


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